Sri Mahadeva Guruji Vidhyalaya
Matriculation Higher Secondary School


M.D.PANY B.Com.,


First of all let me bow myself at the feet of my Mother and father, founder “Sriman K Mahadeva Guruji” for showering their manifold blessings on me and our institution all the time.

Education is at the cross roads of evolution to degradation at a rapid speed. Parents aspire their children to be superficial intelligent and fill them with artificial mask of falsehood. Teachers are hand-cuffed and asked to toil for the transformation of the society. I feel here is the culmination of mental and internal conflicts among the parents, teachers and students. The administration becomes a watch dog to find the true winner in the above said conflict.

Here is the time to be optimistic and row the agent of social transformation to a calm and realistic shore of knowledge and wisdom. Here I took up the altruistic responsibility to provide a true English Medium Education, handed down by my parents with a holistic approach. When I plunged into the field of education I did not know all its true elements of challenges and responsibilities of the then scenario. Thus I carefully under took a deep study on the understanding of the area and the needs of the villages around me.

Then I started Sri Mahadeva Guruji Vidhyalaya Matric Hr. Sec. School at Kudavasal. The school aims to provide a stress and hassle free education that would discover the latent talents of every child admitted in our school. This is possible only when the school provides a special consideration about discipline and individual respect for all. When I included a strong basement for the discipline in education at Sri Mahadeva Guruji Vidhyalaya Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, it brought in loads of accolades from various sectors of the society. Thus, I would say, I touched the strings of the hearts of the people around me. It increased the stretch of my responsibility and it demanded me to do more for the people needed my service.

As the part of the expanded responsibility I have built a spacious campus which would equal the modern scientific and technical standards. Now I concentrate on streamlining the creative and scientific temper of students that would unravel the power of knowledge they have acquired to trim the edges of their future.

Though people run madly behind the educational achievements measured in terms of marks, they conveniently ignore the character formation and social responsibility. I focus on creating socially responsible and morally committed people who fly on the wings of Guruji School to lead our country to its eternal freedom as the goal of my educational service.

Thus invite multitudes of parents, well - wishers to bring their children to the fraternal garden of Guruji to grow and bloom to bear witness to the path of my father and mother who are the true role model of my life. At the same time I thank all the people who tasted the fruits from the bounty of Guruji’s garden and all the people who stood with me during all my tribulations. Finally, I assure all who are yet to know the triumphant path way of my proud father’s legacy that it will be continued for ever.